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(Yen, Hung-ya (Hung Hung))
Hung Hung is a poet as well as a director of theatre as and of film. Originally named as Yen, Hung-ya, he was the chief editor of two journals, Performing Arts Review and Modern Poetry and established Stalker Theatre Group in 1994 and Happy Sheep Film Studio in 1998. He has published anthologies of poetry, essays, fictions, plays and drama reviews. He has also edited a twenty-volume serial of Chinese Translations of Contemporary Western Plays published by Tang Shan Publisher and co-edited with John Hu and Chi Wei-jan the second volume of Contemporary Compendium of Chinese Literature: Drama published by Chiu Ko Publishing Company. He was the chief planner of several drama festivals in Taipei, including The Data of Theatre Drama Festival, Taiwan Literature Theatre, and Shakespeare in Taipei. His works of performing arts, including theatrical pieces, operas and dances, are around twenty in total. They are, to name just a few, The Cloned Man, The Damnation of Dr. Faustus (Opera), I met an Angel in the Subway, Memorial Day in Far Away Place, European Dinner, Alice on Bed, Leaving the City, Zhang Cheng-kung (Opera), Clouds in Mt. Mu(Driving by the Left Side). His Quartet of Dangerous Liaison was nominated as one of best ten performing arts by China Times. He was invited to participate in the Venice Film Festival with his first film, Love of Three Oranges. This film wan the International Film Critic Award at the Chicago Film Festival and the best director at Nantes Film Festival. His second film, Human Comedy, was awarded the Audience’s Best Choice at Nantes Film Festival and the Best Picture at Muscat Festival. His third film, The Hanging Garden, wan two prizes for Best Art Direction and Stylizing and was premiered at Moscow Film Festival. His documentaries include Fifteenth Anniversary of NSO (produced for PBS), Cultural Personas: Stanley Lai, Rhapsody of Love, Visual Poetry 2003, Bohemian Taipei, The Family Contact Book of Shia Shia.
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Year Title Notes
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1994 The Taiwan Oresteia View WMV File playing time:103min16sec (00:00:00~01:43:16)
1995 The Lesson View WMV File
1995 Prinz Friedrich vom Homburg View WMV File
1996 Your Eggs and Mine View WMV File playing time:81min39sec (00:00:00~01:21:39)
1996 A Long Night with Too Many Dreams View WMV File
1999 Quartet for Dangerous Liaison View WMV File
2000 Leaving the City View WMV File
2002 European Dinner View WMV File
2002 Alice on Bed View WMV File
2002 Performing Step by Step with Spring View WMV File
2003 Memorial Day in Far Away Place View WMV File
2004 A Number View WMV File
2008 Goethe: Faust View WMV File


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